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come in to give us their experience. Some of
the ladies talk very freely, and rather abusively, to
the officers, I think it a very bad plan, a want of
self-respect, calculated to irritate and excite bad feeling,
which they have the power to use for our injury
The riding of the yankee cavalry is absurd, they have
a strap which goes over their legs to keep them in the
saddle, and they go bouncing up and down.
The Sherrand call them the "bookatier", We had
another attack this evening about the flag. A dashing
young officer rode up to the door, with a soldier in
attendance, the former dismounted and rang the
bell. Mary opened the window on the steps, we never
open the door without looking to see who is there for
we are determined that not one of the wretches shall
enter the house, if we can keep them out, The young
man came to the window and asked if she was Mrs.
Lee he then said he had heard that some men had
been here in the morning to search for a flag, and
that he had come as a gentleman to beg that she
would give it up, as if the men were determined to search,
the officers would have no power to restrain them.
Mary said she had already told them that the flag
was not here, and that if her word was not sufficient,
she would seek protections from such an insult from the
commanding officer, The young man was very mad
and bit his lip to control himself. he asked if the Confederate