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officers had always been able to control their men.
She told him the men needed no restraint, she
asked him to tell her who had informed about our
flag, he said there were many good union
people here, her only reply was a scornful smile,
a slight bow, and closing the window, He looked
very indignant, to be kept at the door like a servant,
and then summarily dismissed To do him justice
he behaved very well, was perfectly respectful and polite,
and was evidently a gentleman, also very handsome
and elegantly equipped. Yet he made nothing out
of the Secesh, as they call us. That flag has had some
funny adventures, which I must remember to relate,
If firm determination can avail, that flag shall
wave in its' old place, ouf of the front window.
Although the town is so filled with soldiers in the day,
at night, it is perfectly quiet. All are obliged to be at
their camps. These men have a dogged, sullen look,
they do not laugh or jest as our men do. they are
splendidly equipped in every respect, but complain very
much of their fare, hard biscuit and coffee, and meat
but once a day. They say they have not been paid for
four months, as a consequence, they steal everything they
can lay thier hands on, they go into the kitchens to beg
for food, some persons give them what they ask for,
others order them off like dogs. Some are very humble,