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others very saucy. Mr Peyton Clark was complaining to
some of them of the depredations they had committed
at his father's, and one of them told him it made
no difference, they were playing thunder all over
the country. Mr Macon's house and yard and orchard
are full. A flag waves over the house, they are
chopping off the woodwork and sending it to the North as
trophies. We cannot hear certainly where our men
have gone, there are skirmishes every day between
the cavalry, some of Ashby's men are in town every day,
disguised with eggs to sell. The yankees report their
force in and around the town as 40.000, but as they
never under nay circumstances, tell the truth, I do
not believe there are near so many.
Friday night - There was another demand for the flag,
today a soldier came to the window and asked if
we had not one, and when Mary answered indig=
nantly that she had answered that question to Gen.
Shields, he seemed startled, and said that was
entirely satisfactory, and that he had not come to
demand it, but he wished to buy one to send home
as a trophy. We are glad to hear that they are very
much disappointed in their reception here, They say
they were never treated with such scorn, as by the
Winchester ladies. They are beginning to carry off
numbers of servants, some to the camps, and some to