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work on the railroad at Harpers Ferry. Foraging
parties go all around the country and carry off
everything movable. they are burning every fence
for miles around. When our army was here, they
were never allowed to burn a rail, and if they
did it, they were compelled to split others and
replace them, but now we see wagonloads of rails
and sometimes whole panels of plank fencing going
through the town, They have stolen every article out
of Mr Fayette Washington's house, and all his servants,
He has actually no personal property but the clothes he has
on, They burn and destroy papers of value, in mere
wanton mischief. Saturday night - Day after day
passes in the same dull routine. With nothing to vary
it except exciting rumors. After having led such a busy
excited life for so long, it is dreadful to be shut
up in the house with scarcely anything to do. Plenty
of books, but too restless to read much, weather cold
and gloomy, and so much anxiety for the future.
When shall we have deliverance from these horrors?
Sister Lib has moved up to the rectory, as her rooms at
the Union were so much exposed, Margaret and
little Henry are to stay with her. Mr Page is in Stuarts
cavalry. Monday 17th - We did not go to church
yesterday, fearing the Churches would be over run with
Yankees. Gen. Williams' chaplain, from New York