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went to Mr Williams to say that he wished to occupy
the Church. Mr W. who is very conciliatory and a good
deal subjugated, made no objection to his having
it, but told him that he didn't think a member of
the congregation would attend, He expressed great
surprise, and asked where were the choir? Mr W said
they were particularly southern, and he was certain
they would not go. Jennie Swartzwelder went to see
the result, and found 37 soldiers composed the congregation
She heard the Chaplain remark to some one as he came
out that he thought succesionism had killed out Christianity
here, as if he supposed that we were going where we
would hear prayer for the President of the United States and the
suppression of the rebellion. We have prayer meetings twice
a week at the different houses, where we pray for our new
President. Tuesday March 18. - Jennie Sherrand has
had a letter from some one in our army. They all
expect to come back here soon. There is skirmishing
almost every day between the Cavalry, They are in terror of
Ashby, he has some peices of artillery and has killed a
great many. Wednesday - They sent out infantry to
attack Ashby and there was a considerable fight,
It is reported that they took a hundred killed and wounded.
It is certain a great many dead bodies were brought in
tonight, and sent off on the cars. They say the charges
for burial here, are to high, and they send them where