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it can be done cheaper. Thursday March 20, - Another
day of anxiety. Hugh has been gone for two days, he
staid at home all last week because he could not get
a pass, but on Tuesday he went out saying he would
try to get some work in town, he has not been back,
and today we heard he had passed through town with
a regiment. Friday March 21st. - We hear today that
a large portion of the army here, are ordered to move
tomorrow, to join McClellan in his attack on Johnson.
Also that the victory which the wise claim at Pea Ridge is
really ours, and that the source is the case in regard to
Newbern, and Acquia Creek. We read aloud and [?]
a little, but the time seems long and dreary.
Saturday - This has been a most exciting day, by break=
fast time the troops began to march down the Berry=
ville road, leaving here, but dinner time 8 regiments,
2 large Batteries and 4 large bodies of Cavalry had passed,
and to our great distress, we found that Evans had
gone off with them, It was a great shock, for I thought
if there was one who would be faithful, it would
be Evans, but there are few who can withstand the
temptation to be free, they do not look forward to the
hardships and difficulties of a free negroes life. Great
numbers have gone today, Mr Burton's Jim, and a
man from the farm, 3 of Mr Burwell's men, all
of old Mrs. Burwell's, hired about here and hundreds of others.