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It is only young men and boys who they entice off,
It is particularly annoying to us now to lose Evans, for
a few days ago, Emily, who is living at home this
year, in the most unexpected and unnecessary manner
had a baby. Our kitchen cabinet consists now of
Sarah and Betty. It is true, there is very
little work to do, for we can scarcely get anything to
cook, Even if the market people were not afraid to
come to town, they have nothing to bring, Every
thing is stolen, We live principally on bacon, beans,
rice, dried apples, and often dry bread. The railroad
is not allowed to bring anything but army stores,
and groceries are as scarce and hgih as ever,
Mr Barton has gone for Fanny, she has been with
Jane in Maryland for more than a year, and this is the
first chance she has had to come home,
I was lying down this afternoon trying to recover from
the shock of Evans' departure, when I was roused by the
sound of cannon, and found that 3 regiments
of infantry and 2 batteries had been sent out to
join the Cavalry in attacking Ashby, he with 500
of his men, drove back and kept at bay for 2 hours
their whole force. They sent off couriers to recall
the troops which left here this morning, and also to
Call in the regiments which composed Shields' division
and were a few miles from town on the Martinsburg