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road. We say them double-quick through town
just before dark, They will sleep on their arms, and
unless our men have retired, renew their fight
in the morning. I feel much less terror about
it than when I thought all our own boys were
to be in it. The girls were at Mr Conrad's, and
could see the flash and explosion of the bombs
bursting in the air.     Sunday March 23. All was
quiet this morning, and we hoped would continue
so. I went with Mary to Mr Graham's Church, and
when we came out, we heard that the firing
had commenced about eleven, and it contin=
ued till 2. then ceased till about 4, and then
continued incessantly till dark. It was more
distant than yesterday, supposed to be 4 miles from
town, towards Neill's dam. Netsy and I went up to
see [Neil], and called at Mrs Sherrand's on our way
home. There was the greatest confusion on the
street, and they told us at Mr Sherrand's that
Jackson was in the fight, and that one of his
aides, Mr Jenkin, had been captured and
brought to town, We would not believe it, as
we had heard two days ago, that they were 40
miles from here, and we heard that Ashby had
been reinforced by militia, We went to the
prayer meeting at Mr Williams' after tea, and on