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Cavalry. They were so worn out that they could
not run they had marched 34 miles on Saturday
and Sunday, and had been fighting from 12 oclock
They were ordered down here suddenly to attack this
wing, while Johnson engaged McCellan Jackson
was ordered to prevent this division from joining McCellan,
at any risk, It was indeed a fearful risk, We had
barely 5000, and they certainly 15000 with the troops who
left here yesterday, coming back as fast as possible
Bob says that our loss was very small in comparision
with theirs. We could only stay a few minutes, as so
many people were waiting to take their turn, It was
surely a comfort to see the boys so well and brave
that I coulod not realize that they were destined
probably, to a long and dreary imprisonment, but at
least they are safe, At 2 the prisoners were marched
by, 160 in all, most of them Lorings men, none
that we knew. They were all in fine spirits,
cheering for Jeff Davis, and Calling out good bye as
they passed. We had sent Bob provisions, and had
biscuit and bread, which we handed to the men as they
passed. After Bob was really gone, we had time to realize
the horror which surrounded us. Wagons and ambulances
filled with the wounded had been coming in all night,
and all the morning, and were still coming without
cessation. The ladies were hurrying to the hospitals to feed
the poor creatures, friends and enemies alike. The Yankees