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identifiyiing it. Some persons were certain it was he,
others equally positive it was not, They sent for his
father, who said it was impossible it Could be he as a
gentleman had seen Willie alive and well on Monday,
It was horrible that they would not allow us to attend to
our men, yesterday, as no doubt many died from
exposure and neglect, It was because they would not
let us see how great the disproportion was in the numbers,
They were burying their dead all Sunday night, all day
Monday, and again today, beside numbers sent
off on the cars, they admit their loss to be at least
2000 killed and wounded, and from what I have
seen I can believe it. One Ohio reg. was annihilated,
We have been to the Union twice today carrying food.
The [poor] creatures are very humble and grateful, They
say they would starve except fot the ladies. And it is
literally true, that I have not seen a particle of food in
the house, except a little dry bread. The sights and sounds
are awful. Poor Norman's leg was amputated today, He
must die. They have telegraphed to his Mother to come, the
surgeons are very inefficient, Many of the men brought in
yesterday, have had no attention yet, except the food we
have given them. Many are horribly wounded in the
head and face, and many have shattered limbs
which must be amputated. Our men are scattered
through the house, but the head surgeon has promised
that we may have them all moved to our wing, where
we can attend them more efficiently. Mr Barton and
Fannie reached home last night. They passed the prisoners