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at Harpers Ferry, but it was dark, and they could not
recognize any one, Mrs. Barton had in the battle 4 sons,
4 brothers, 1 son-in-law and 2 nephews and all escaped
safely, except Ronnie and Willie who were captured, Mrs B-
received a letter toiday from [Vancluse], saying that our
army was safe beyond Strasburg, and telling of the safety
of many in whom we are deeply interested, Some of the
officers had been at [Vancluse] and said that our men
fought with unparalled bravery and endurance.
The yankees have sent 15.000 men in pursuit, They say
that they had 42,000 men in and around this place.
Their only hope of success ever, is in overwhelming numbers.
We want them to pursue Jackson, for every mile they go
into the country, adds immensely to their expenses and
difficulties. We had a terrible alarm last night, we
were roused by a loud noise, as of persons breaking into
the house. We got up and called but heard no more of it,
and concluded it must have been some noise in the street,
but today we heard that parties of soldiers had actually
forced their way last night into Dr. Stuart Baldwin's,
Mr Williams' Mr. Brent's and Mr Wolfe's, demanding
beds and bedding for the wounded, and saying that
they would take them by force if necessary.
Wednesday Mr Norman died this morning, two others of
our men have died, and many of the yankees,
There are many more who must die, they are very
patient and uncomplaining, and grateful for kindness.