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Mary had sent to the Richmond Inquirer, giving a full
and true account of things here. Several other persons
sent letters by him, and we can only hope that Banks
is too much oocupied by more important things to notice
women's letters. It is announced in the Baltimore Sun
today that Mr Buxton of the New York Times, has been
captured by the revels and sent to Richmond.
We hope it may be so. About 20 of our wounded were
removed today to private houses, and then the sargeant
stolled it, and said no more should go as their men
were already complaining of the partiality shown the
confederates, and that if they were not at the hospitals
the ladies would stop carrying food and delicasies for
them. Was there even such audacity! These hordes of
robbers and murderers, who come here to destory all
we hold most dear, complaining of partiality to our
own men, An impertinent young official actually
tried to take some underclothes away from Mrs. Conrad
and Nan today, and when they refused to let him
have them, ordered them out of the hospital, as soon
as the sugeon heard of it, he came and apologized,
and said that the young man had behaved very
badly, and he hoped the ladies would not mind
it. Friday March 28 Our boys are in Baltimore and are
receiving the greatest kindness and attention from the
people, they are supplied with clothes and everything
they can need. If they are only allowed to remain
in Baltimore, we shall be so thankful.