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Our fear about Mr Buxton are unfounded he returned
today, bringing many letters, One charming one from
Col. Baylor, saying how delighted they had been to receive
Mary's, as it contained the first news they had had from
Winchester, and told of the safety of some about whom
they had been very unhappy. He said said he read
the letters to several officers, among them Gen. Jackson and
Col. Ashby, and that the Gen. complemented the spirit of
this household very highly. Sandy Pendleton wrote to
ask us to inquire for some of his friends who he thinks
are here. Mr Buxton explains the mistake about
himself by saying that the New York Times man is a
Mr Luce, who was captured by our men in Clarke Co,
and that he - Mr Buxton - brought the news to town, and
in that way, his name was put in the papers by mistake
Thos [J]illian of [J]illian - Seward, is to be here tonight,
and is to stay at Mr Seiver's, that people get for allowing
the yankees to get a foothold in their houses. They agreed
to take Gen. Banks and staff as a protection to their
property, and last Saturday evening, when Gen. Shields
had his arm broken in the fight, Gen. Banks took
him to Mr Seveirs and established him there, and
since then Banks has gone up the valley, and Shields
is in command here, and there are swarms of
soldiers in and around the house all the time. This
evening Shields sent to Mrs. Seivers to order a room to
be prepared for Mr Seward. I would not submit to
such degradation if I were to be beggared by refusing.
Two regiments are drawn up at the depot, to escort him