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into town. Saturday 29th We hear again today that the
prisoners in Baltimore are receiving the greatest
kindness and attention. 5000 dollars has been
contributed for their use. This evening Mrs Seivers
sent us a letter to read, from Mrs. Taylor, it was
written the day after the prisoners reached Baltimore,
and before she had been allowed to see them,
She seemed to be in a state of the greatest excite=
ment, and said that the ladies were hard at work,
and before the next night, the men would have
a full supply of everything they would want, We
had an opportunity today to send letters to Bob,
One of our men died today, at Mr Conrad's, There
are two or three more who can scarcely live more
than a day or two, We have had various applications
since these people have been here, to take them as
boarders, but I am thankful to say, that so far, not
one has had his foot in this house. They come to
the door and send in to ask if Mrs. Lee will take a
gentleman and lady, Lady! I might be obliged
to live for a time in the house with some of the officers,
if it was necessary, as a protection from the depredations
of the soldiers, but no consideration of any kind could
force me to live under the roof with a yankee woman.
Monday March 31st Yesterday (Sunday) was a terrible
day of rain and sleet, but we went twice to the Union
and in the afternoon to the York hospital and to look
for some of Col. Baylor's friends. Found Capt. [Autrins],
but could hear nothing satisfactory of "Lily Dale". Fear he
was killed, heard that the surgeons say the army has