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been more demoralized by the kindness which has been
shown the wounded then by the battle, The men
say they will not fight against Winchester again. They
say they are sorry the allowed the women to enter the
hospital. Many die daily. The wounds from Minie balls
are horrible and almost always fatal. No news from our
army. When are these horrors to end?
Night Two more of our men had died, Poor Hoffman
from Augusta, in whom we were deeply inerested, Mr Williams
was here tonight, with lists of our killed and wounded
85 killed, of whom 62 had no marks by which they could be
identified. he saw them all properly buried, 86 wounded
of whom 16 have since died These are certainly all
He has the names, and wished to publish a list that might
reach their friends, but Gen. Shields would not allow it, 
saying it must be incomplete and would mislead
their friends. The real reason is, the immense disparity
in the number of their loss and ours, The number of their
dead we will never know, but about the wounded we
cannot doubt the evidence of our senses. how dreadful it is
to be conjecturing on the subject of such horrors, Uh! this
bondage grows worse and worse, harder to bear everyday.
They are proclaiming tonight that they have taken Richmond
   Tuesday April 1st Gen. Shields and staff have gone to
joins their main body at Strasburg. All our wounded
except four who cannot be moved have been taken
to private houses, and today Miss Dix arrived with a corps
of nurses from Washington, so we are relieved from the
necessity of attending at the hospitals. It is a blessed
release. We have to do most of the housework, as Betty is our
only dependence in that line. What is to become of us