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at being refused admittance, I hope he is, the traitor!
Monday morning Went to church yesterday morning and
to our prayer-meeting at night. In the afternoon was
walking in the garden and was startled by seeing a
sentinel posted in the Dr. Baldwin's garden, I went down to
inquire the meaning, and found guards all around
the house, They had gone there to search for Johnnie,
who it was reported had come to town in the morning, in
a carriage with his father. It proved to be that
Ludwell had been driving his father out in the morning
and had worn an old military overcoat of Johnnies
but as he had been wearing it all the winter, it was
rather absurd to be making a fuss at this late day.
Monday and Tuesday. Nothing but snow and sleet, no [?[,
Phil Williams just from Baltimore, called this
evening, he said that on Sunday the city was full of
rumors that McClellan had been twice repulsed at
Yorktown. Phil said that when Seward returned to
Washington from here, he was taunted with the want of
Union feeling here, he retorted that the men had all
gone with the enemy, and the women were all she devils.
Wednesday April 9th Another day of snow and sleet.
Prayer meeting at Mr Barton's, Heard that Richmond
had been illuminated on Monday night, in honor of
our victories, What could they have been! Ah for a
sight of some Southern papers. I have not the nerve
to read these dreadful Northern papers, I glance at
a few items, and thn throw down the paper in despair.