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he pleases. He called to tell us of his troubles and to say
that he would deliver our letters. The Merrimac (Virginia)
is out again and has taken three ships!!! A letter from
Mary Sherrard written in fine spirits, she says the
prospects are very bright, saw a letter from Maj. Jones
this evening, very bright and hopeful, Hunter McGuire
writes that our army will be back here in a few weeks,
A letter from Jane Shields today, she had been to
Fort Delaware to see the boys, she was allowed to see
Ronnie for a short time, but neither of the others, she
says they are very well and well treated, she carried
them books and provisions and sent them beds and
clothes, I have written to Mrs. Moncure Robinson in
Philadelphia, asking her kind offices in behalf of the
boys.   Monday April 14th Went to church yesterday in
the morning, Prayer meeting here at night, bery interesting.
I neglected to mention the arrest of the Rev. Mr Jones of Millwood
last Tuesday, he had been in Richmond for two months
and returned home on Saturday and was arrested
at once. he has never been in the army, but assisted
in drilling the militia last summer. He is to be sent off
tomorrow. The Bartons are in great trouble, They have
just heard of the hopeless illness of John Baldwin,
he had typhoid fever last fall, which settled in his lungs,
and though he has been shut up all the winter, they
hoped that when spring came he would rally, but instead
of that he is sinking rapidly. Monday night We had
just heard the splendid news of our victory in the south.
Col. Baylor and Hunter McGuire both write in the most
excited and delighted spirits. They say they will soon
be back to release us, Ah joyful sound! The
sauciness of the servants is very hard to bear, The streets