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are filled with runaways who have flocked to the town
from all around the country and who lounge about
in everybody's way, The yankees walking and talking
with them in the most familiar way, even Betty
has been imfected with uppishness, and on Saturday got
insulted at being sent out of the room to get a clean
apron, and put on her bonnet and walked off to her
Mother's, saying she supposed she was not wanted here
any more. We sent for her to come back, which after
some delay, she concluded to do, The report here tonight
is that the yankees have fallen back from Woodstock to
Strasburg, and that our men are pursuing them.
There certainly was fighting yesterday as dead and wounded
have been brought down today, and today some
persons have counted a hundred reports, It must be
cannon, as it is to far for musketry to be heard.
Ashby has flying Artillery with him, and is probably
skirmishing with that, Gen. Rosencrans passed through
here yesterday to take command. Shields arm is so
bad as to incapacitate him, and they say Banks has lost
their confidence, by leaving here for Washington while
the fight was going on. 7000 of [Rosenkrang] Germans
are to be here tomorrow, They are reported to be very
lawless, If Jackson should drive them back I tremble
to think what will become of Winchester.
Tuesday April 15th A dismal, rainy day. Nothing stirring
about here, heard more particulars of the battle in Tenn.
hear it is not so great a victory as we heard yesterday.
At least we seem to have lost in the second day much
that we gained the first.
Wednesday April 16th These dreadful northern papers!
According to them we are almost subjugated, Dr Robert Baldwin