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was arrested today on the charge of refusing to prescribe
for the federal soldiers. he told the Provost that he had
refused and would continue to do so to the end.
They kept him all the afternoon and then released
him A man who had a large number of letters
some of ours among them, was arrested this after=
noon on suspicion of carrying news to the army, he
was questioned closely but not searched, he played
stupid, and was released, though he had his pockets
full of letters. Dr. McGuire's house was searched today
It was reported that the Dr had returned here, and
they searched everywhere for him, but of course without
success. I know where a wounded Confederate is, and
the yankees do not. he is nearly well now and will
try to slip through their lines
Thursday April 17th Baker Miller died today, after a
long illness. The Germans who crossed the river yesterday
at Berry's Ferry are committing great outrages throughout
the country. They went to Carter Hall, Page-Brook and other
places, drank all the liquors and broke up the furniture,
stealing and destroying whereever they went. The other part
of the Germans crossed this morning at Snickers Ferry, and
Stuart's Cavalry attacked them, and captured two regiments
according to report, two companies I suspect is the truth.
The rest of the Germans are to be through her today, and
many persons are very much alarmed.
Friday April 18th Good Friday. We had service at Mr
Williams' this afternoon, a company of cavalry was brought
in today as prisoners. At first they were reported to be
Ashby's men, but proved to be only mounted militia,
The Germans are to be here tomorrow. many people
are in a state of terror about them. Rev. Mr Jones is still