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Tuesday April 22 Last night we heard that our army
had gone back to Harrisonburg. the yankees following
them. Tonight the report is that our army has crossed
the mountain to go to Gordsonsville, evacuating the
valley. If this is true, we may as well resign ourselves
to our fate. I think I shall stop writing.
Wednesday April 23rd Feel encourageed to go on writing
by what we have heard this evening, that we certainly
have had a victory at Yorktown, that Richmond had
again been illuminated, that Jackson had not left the
valley, but was still this side of Staunton, and that
only a few regiments had been sent across the mountain,
as a precaution against a flank movement, and last
but not least, that that double dyed villian Dave Strother
the Porte-crayon of Harpers Magazine, had been captured
near our camp with all his drawings, charts, instruments
etc. There is no one whose capture could give such
universal satisfaction throught this part of the country
The servants still keep pouring in from the country, some
looking very much elated by their new fledged freedom,
and other wandering about forlorn and depressed
We have been gardening a little, but the spring has
been so late and cold that though almost the
first of May, there is scarcely any appearance of vegetation
yet. Thursday April 24th There have been no
papers for two days. Some one came to town this
evening who had seen a Baltimore paper, which admitted
that we have had a victory at Yorktown. A man
came in today from our army, he reports it to be in
splendid condition, and the men crazy to come back
to release us. he says that at the last move back
from New Market, the General feared they would refuse