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to obey, and had an oder read that the enemy had
followed the bait so perfectly, that he could whip them
there, but if they would fall back with him once more
to the place he had selected, he could do it more effecually.
Mr Jones has been released on parole, but is not
allowed to leave the town. We are doing a little
spring sewing, and talking of house cleaning, Many
of the families in the neighboring counties are left
without a single servant. These yankees are more
outrageous and insulting than ever, a Doctor [Durpre]
who had known Dr. S. Baldwin in Phil. called at his
house yesterday to renew the acquaintance, and when
he found that the Dr. received his visit very coolly at
the front door, and had no intention of asking them
in, he flew into a violet rage and talked in the most
abusive and threatening manner. Some of the soldiers
beat and kicked Harry McDonald, a boy 14 years of age.
before his Mother's face, because when they asked him
if he was a "secesh" he answered "yes." and she had no
redress exept to abuse them, which she did with her whole
heart and soul. Friday April 25th A drizzling rain
all day dark and dreary. heard nothing all day, till
after tea, when Fanny and Anna and Bolling came over, and
were in the midst of details of the enormities of the yankees
in Fauquier, when they were sent for to come home, a
man having just arrived with letters from Staunton
bringing the intelligance of John's death which took place
a week ago yesterday. he has been a bright christian for
several years, and died a most happy and triumphant death