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and for him the exchange is indeed a joyful one.
His friends here are in the deepest grief, his mother
almost heartbroken, Sallie, Robert, Nick, and Dr Neill
were all there. Dear Mattie and her two little ones
will come back to her friends here as soon as the
communication is open. The same man who brought
the letters bring a confirmation of the report of the
victory at Yorktown he says he saw the dispatch.
We are obliged to rejoice in secret, for fear of getting the
messenger into trouble, and oursleves, too. for the Commandan[t]
here has posted bills vowing vengance against all persons
male and female who shall encourage and spread
flying rumours, This is intended to keep from their
soldiers news of defeat.  Saturday April 26th Our
letter-bearer of last night was arrested this morning, a
letter came to town today with a slip from the Richmond
Dispatch speaking of the victory. Heard this evening that
Mrs. Elting of Phila. had heard of the boys being at Fort
Delaware from Mrs. Moncure Robinson. I was glad to find
that Mrs. R. had received my letter. They have sent the
boys supplies, and promist to take care of them, we
were grieved to hear what a terrible time the Masons have
had flying before the yankees. They have suffered
all kinds of hardships and discomforts. Anna and her
five children went with them from Fauquier to Charlottesville
in a wagon, for which with the horses Mrs Mason paid
one thousand dollars, and Mrs Mason and the girls
had to walk for miles through the rain.
Sunday April 27th Went to the Lutheran church in the
morning and to our own service at Mr Barton's at night.
Many rumours and much talking wherever people meet.