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but nothing certain known. McClellan is in Washington
and Shields has gone down to meet him for consultation
it is supposed. Mrs Whittlesey let this slip out without intending
it, she is here nursing her mother who is very ill, she has
so entirely taken the northern side, and is on such familiar
terms with the yankee officers here, that none of her former
friends have been to see her, Monday April 28th It is
beginning to be rumored among the soldiers that they
have had a reverse at Yorktown, and to counteract the
effect it is announced today that New Orleans is
taken, the news spread instantly and they are greatly
elated. There was a funeral this afternoon of an officer of
high rank. we cannot find out his name, there was
a whole regiment out and nearly a hundred officers beside,
belonging to his brigade. They had the most beautiful
music I ever heard. They do have splendid bands sometimes
as many as 30 instruments. I received a letter today from
Mrs. Robinson in answer to mine, she says she will do
everything possible for Bob and the boys Tuesday April 29th Sad
and terrible news tonight. The papers are full of the taking
of New Orleans, describing the circumstances in such a way,
that it is impossible to doubt it, Thje reports today are of a
fight at Gordonsville. Jackson having crossed the
mountains to take part in it, and the yankees in possession
of the town. We can hear nothing certain of our army, a large
packet of letters which came from them on Sunday was captur-
ed and burnt by the Provost Marshall.
Wednesday April 30th Oh, these dreadful horrible yankees!
They announce today that yorktown is taken, and are
exulting in their victories there and at New Orleans. Many
persons disbelieve both, but I have so often refused to believe
at first, and afterwards found that the reports were but too true,
that I fear everything. To counterbalance these we hear