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that Beauregard has been victorious in Tennessee and
there has been a naval engagement in which we
were victorious. I received a letter this evening from
Hortensia, the first for a year. she wrote very affectionately.
but very guardedly, she seemed delighted to hear from
us. We have been gardening today, and went to prayer
meeting this afternoon. Mr Buxton was in town today, says
he sent our letters safely. Thursday May 1st A cold rainy
day, dark and dreary. The report about Yorktown proved
to be false. That about new Orleans is confirmed. It is
wonderful and terrible. Reports from Jackson's army
conflicting. One is that he has crossed the mountains and
the yankees have Staunton. another is that he has not
left the valley and that Edward Johnson is at Staunton on
his way to reinforce Jackson. Camillus Baker died today.
Every one we know, almost, has afflictions of some kind.
All are anxious and depressed. We are almost in a state of
starvation here. No fresh meat for a fortnight, and almost
impossible to get eggs and butter, and what we do get at
fabulous prices, We can scarcely get wood enough to cook
with, and the country people as well as the merchants are
charging an immence discount on Virginia money.
Lincoln said he would make us suffer for the war, and it is
one of the true things the wretch has said on the subject.
But if we can only hear that our cause is prospering our
troubles a hundred times increased would be joyfully borne.
We feel so very anxious about Henry and Anna now that
the Y-s have a foothold in La. Friday May 2nd We have
heard today that Jackson is largely reinforced, and is
still in the valley. The Medical Director here, a shameless
villian, went to Susan Jones today to order her away
from her fathers house, saying he should take it for a