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hospital. she refused to go, and he said she had a house
in the country and could go there. she told him that his
people had desolated and destroyed her home in the country,
and she would not give up this one. he persisted, and she
went with her complaint to the Provost who behaved politely, but
said he was almost powerless. The issue of the affair is still
doubtful. We heard today from Jane Shields about the
boys. They are well and well treated, but are not permitted
to write to us now, Jane is very kind and supplies them
with all they want. Bob sharing with Ronnie and Willie
Buxton is again announced as a Yankee spy on the authority
of some of the Yankees themselves. They say he has been giving
them information for a year. Now he is arrested by an order
from Secretary Stanton on the charge of double-dealing, giving
information to us as well as to them. If it is true he is a good
rascal. Saturday May 3rd There is no longer any doubt
that New Orleans is in the hands of the enemy. I cannot
bear to think of it. The report today is that Jackson
with a large force is advancing to attack Banks, who has
fallen back to New Market, there is certainly something
stirring, for a regiment of cavalry which came down the
valley yesterday has been ordered back today.
Monday May 5th Yesterday we were horrified to find that
a displatch had come from Washington saying that York=
town was taken, today we find that it was one of Gen. Johnson's
strategic retreats. The yankees yesterday were very jubilant
over it, but now that they understand it, they are vastly
indignant at the waste of their time and money in the
fortifications they have been making. It is very current
among us today that our own army is coming in an unex=
pected direction. I will not venture to believe it for fear
of disappointment. Indeed it is true, for this whole