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Friday May 9th The Sun of today contained McClellan's
report of a fight which he claimed to be a brilliant
victory for himself, but which private accounts represent to
be entirely the reverse. Passengers from Baltimore report that
he is withdrawing a large part of this force from the
Peninsula and concentrating them at Fredericksburg, to
march on Richmond in that direction. They say also that
Johnson is sending off large numbers to oppose him.
it is one of our greatest troubles that we have only Northern
accounts and are kept in a state of constant alarm and
anxiety. We can hear nothing certain of affairs up the
valley, but the soldiers here report that all of Banks army
will be back here tomorrow. The empty wagons which
went up yesterday are to bring their baggage, Mr. Barnes
has just returned from Washington, and says that the
people there are in high spirits and say that the rebellion
is almost crushed out. Saturday, Sunday and Monday Nothing but
alarming and distressing reports, that Norfolk is given up, the
Merrimac destroyed and tonight that Richmond is in the hands
of our enemies. We are told that is all a part of the [programe]
for concentrating our armies, but it is very dreadful to hear
the Yankees shouting and exculting over their victories.
There is a new Commandant here, a Col. from Maine and his
regiment. The new Provost is odious and audacious
he went to Mr Clark's today, and told Sue that the house
should certainly be taken for a hospital, that he was not
placed here to protect rebel women and children, There is
a report that Gen. Edward Johnson has defeated Milroy beyond
Staunton, but I have heard of as many victories of ours
which [formed] but sensational stories, that I have ceased
to believe any. Tuesday May 13th Dispatches have been
received here today saying that a battle is going on