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contact with him. No one can leave the town
without a pass, and a pass can only be obtained
by the person's swearing that he or she is a loyal
subject of the U.S. and will continue to remain so.
Of course, no decent person will take such an oath,
and much annoyance and discomfort is caused.
Our President has appointed the day after tomorrow
as a day of fasting and prayer. but our men are
afraid to have any service, even a private prayer
meeting for fear our masters will discover it and
punish us by preventing us from holding our regular
prayer meetings.    Thursday May 15th A cold rainy
day. Not a word of news, except a report among the
yankees that Turner Ashby was taken prisoner, they said
he was so badly wounded in the hip, that he could not
be brought to town. The whole story proves to be false,
Mary reeived a letter today from Mrs. [Jamieson] ac=
knowledging the receipt of Mary's letter to Mr Mason, and
saying she had forwarded it, It gave him full
particulars of all that had occurred here.
The Provost yesterday arrested Mrs John Cambell for speak=
ing her mind too freely but she was so outragously
abusive, that he was fain to dismiss the charges in order
to get rid of her. O we do pine and long to hear
something of our friends, of Lewis, and the Masons, of all
our friends in the army and out of it.
Friday May 16th The day appointed by our President
as a day of fasting and prayer. The gentlemen did not
think it judicious to have a service, and the ladies de=
termined to have a prayer meeting for themselves, We
had a delightful meeting here, more than 30 ladies