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present. Mrs. Postin Baldwin reached here this evening.
After an absence of three months in lower Pa. She is
but three days from Staunton, and brings good
news of our army, They were with Johnson when
he defeated Milroy near Monterey on the 8th of this
month. none of our men were hurt, and they have
returned this way to attend to "Mr Banks", That gentlemen(!!!)
has fallen back to Strasburg, certainly, and we hear is
coming back here. Some of his staff were in town today
and tonight there have been two large fires, one at the
fairgrounds and the other our poor medical college,
both incendiary fires, Some persons are alarmed
thinking the town will be burnt, but that is scarcely
possible while they have several hospitals in it filled
with their sick and wounded. It is more probably
government stores which they are burning preparatory
to leaving the valley At least we hope so, but tomorrow
will make revelations. Dr Barnes came from Washington
today. he says Halleck has been whipped, and that
McClellan does not know what to do next Our sovereign
Master Provost Phillebrown says that these secesh women
shall not weat calico sun bonnets on the street, as they
are intended as a disrespect to the soldiers, neither
shall they wear white muslin gloves with bodies!!
calico and gingham sun bonnets are worn by all the
ladies here and styled secession bonnets, they were
adopted for their cheapness and for their defense
against staring soldiers, but they resent it, and say
they are intended as an insult by intimating that
we do not care how we dress while they are here!