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months with typhoid fever, but because he had been
in the army last summer, they have placed a guard
in his room. The wonder is that they had not discovered
him before, It is evident that they are leaving this
place, all day long wagons have been passing heavily
loaded with baggage and stores, the sutters have all
been ordered off, and the huckster and pie shops
are closed. The papers this evening state that our
batteries on James River have driven back the gun
boats. Jackson is now reported to be at Romeny, having
attacked and defeated Fremont and his Garrision.
We heard today that his dispatch to Richmond after his
fight with Milroy run thus, "By the help of God we
have had a great victory, and have scattered our
enemies to the wind." Wrote to Bob and Hortensia
today. probably the last letters we shall be able to send
in that direction. Tuesday May 20 Nothing today but
rumours. The Yankees are moving their stores off
rapidly, but say they will still keep a force here.
Wednesday Jackson reported to be advancing on this
place from Romney. It is said that his pickets were
within 8 miles of this place last night. I do not credit
any of it. Prayer meeting at Dr. Robt Baldwin's, The papers
give no news of importance, but are teeming with
probable foreign intervention. Quite a crowd of people
arrived in the cars this evening, and on inquiry we
found that Judge Jackson of Western Va. had come with
a number of Jurors to establish a Federal Court here.
Last night old Mrs. White was astonished by the appearance
of a party of soldiers in her room after she had gone to bed