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She did not know they were in the house until they
entered her room. she is living entirely alone now,
except for a white women who is staying with her as a
companion. The men said they had come to search
the house for rebel soldiers, who the woman, Mrs. Gill, was
supposed to have harboured. Of course there was no
foundation for such an idea. They have searched
several houses and arrested several ladies in the past
few days. Thursday May 22 This morning Judge
Jackson and his jurors departed in the cars, and it
was announced that the court was postponed till September.
What can it mean? Yesterday in the cars they proclaim
=ed that they would force the business men here either
to take the oath of allegiance or to close their stores, no
news in the papers this evening. We look for news from
Richmond and Corinth with the most eager and painful
interest. Friday Night half past 11 oclock This is a great
commotion in town tonight, wagons and horsemen passing
constantly, and from the talking of the soldiers as they pass,
we infer that something very exciting has occurred.
Saturday May 24 Sure enough we were roused
this morning by Mrs Barton's coming over to tell
us that Ewell had attacked some regiments at
Front Royal, yesterday, destroying them and
capturing 200.000 dollars worth of stores which were packed
in cars ready for transportation. All night fugitives
were coming in, men and horses, both nearly dead
with fatigue. The Provost announced that if any