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woman dared to show exultation, she would be shot,
   About ten oclock this morning we were made
aware by trains of wagons coming in that Banks
whole army was coming down here. The wagons
passed through the town on the Martinsburg road.
Many dead and wounded have been brought
in, the latter placed in the hospitals here, which
makes us fear that Banks intends to make a stand
here. We hear that our friends are around in
every direction, advancing to hem him in,
Mr Barton was at Spring Dale about 10 oclock and
a party of Stuart's cavalry dashed by from a cross
road from Front Royal in pursuit of some
yankee wagons which had just passed. He saw
them take some of them. There is the greatest
panic among the servants. the yankees have
assured them that Jackson is murdering all the
negroes as he advances, even cutting the throats of
the babies in their cradles, An officer told Emily
that such is the case. Numbers of htem believe it,
and are terrified beyond belief. They have
spread abroad a report too. that they intend to burn
the town, crowds have gone from here today, not
only runaways, but many who have always been
free. There has been quite a stampede too among
the Union men, who have been very saucy and
insulting since their friends have been here.
The wagons have been passing through all day.