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once, but laid still listening to the guns, and
feeling very wretched about our friends. About half-past
5 the reports were so incessant and so near, we
dressed and went down stairs. the first thing I heard
was that Bettie had gone to the cars expecting to go off
I sent to see if Sally had taken her, but found that
she had only taken her children a little way into the
country for safety during the fight, as the soldiers were
proclaiming about the streets that they intended to
burn the town and blow it up. We went out
on the front pavement, most of the people were
at their front doors looking and listening anxiously,
Even as soon as this the wounded were being
carried by to the hospital. Some in ambulances
some on crossed guns, and some assisted by other
soldiers. it was horrible, some were dreadfully
mangled with blodd streaming, but we could only
pity and pray for them. This convinced us how
near the fight must be. Some of those who carried
the wounded looked very savage and sullen, but did
not trouble us. just then we saw some women
with bundles rushing by on the other side fo the
street, We called to know what was the matter, they
said Mr Coority's house was on fire, It was opposite
the Union adjoining some large buildings occupied
as a Commissary's office. We looked down and
found the smoke pouring out in different directions,
showing that it had been fired in several places