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Some soldiers passing told the servants in our hearing
to get out of town at once, as one of the buildings
was full of powder and shells and would destroy
the town. We thought there is was their malice in
trying to frighten us, but it has proved to be true
that the ammunition was there and it was only the
mercy of God which saved us. The soldiers kepf off the
few citizens who would have attempted to extinguish the fire, but
allowed them to move out as much of Mr Corrint's furn=
iture as they could. the ammunition was in a part
of the foundry building nearest this way, and foturn=
ately had a fire-proof roof. and our soldiers got into
the town soon enough to use the fire engines, and save
the biulding and our lives, and at the same
time secure a valuable spoil. Can it be credited
that in such an age, and such a country as this
has been, such a fiendish design could have been
contemplated. The union hospital with a large number
of sick and wounded is just opposite the place.
An officer rode up to the porch and asked what
was the matter, we pointed to the house where the
flames were just appearing, he asked if there was
no fire department, we told him there were no
men to use the engines, he looked very grave
and troubled, and rode down towards the
fire, but turned down into Piccadilly street.