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I do not think he could have known the truth,
he looked so sorry for us, I am sure if he had
thought there was danger, he would have told us.
We did not believe about the powder, but thought
the fire might spread in this direction, and decided
to go upstairs and put some clothes into trunks to save
them if the house should burn. It was but a few
minutes before Mr Barton called to tell us it was
not worth while to pack up anything, as the enemy
were certainly retreating. We ran out on the porch
and found two large Batteries were passing
briskly but not hastily. A very pleasant looking
youth as he rode by called out, "Ladies they are
too many for us, are you glad we are going?"
We called out eagerly "Yes", but were afraid to say
more, as some of the men looked very surly, though
they said nothing. the youth bowed and said
"Thank you, good by". I supposed he thanked us for
not wishing them all killed, but indeed I feel no
anger or hatred, but only delight that they were
going. This was about half past seven oclock,
The fire was burning furiously, but no one seemed
to notice it, five houses were in flames, next passed
a large body of cavalry, trotting, but not running,
then 2 regiments of infantry marching quickly but
in good order, they filled the street and pavement
up to the steps where we were standing, their bayonets