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almost touching us, as they passed in a solid body.
I think now it was a very hazardous thing we did in
staying out there, but then we were so excited we
had no sensation of fear. By the time the last
were turning Fletcher's corner the panic had
commenced and they were running, We heard
afterwards that on the other streets it was a perfect rush
and rout, but we saw nothing of that, For about
three minutes there was a pause and silence, except
shouts in the distance, and then began the scattered
firing bang! bang! in every direction through the streets.
The balls passed so near us as to cut the leaaves from
The trees just in front of where we were standing,
Mr Burwell who was here, called to us to run in (the
others all ran in, but as I turned to go, I found an
old negro woman (who we had stopped a little while
before as she was tyring to hobble out of town in a
great fright, and made to sit on the steps to rest) was
so terrified that she could not get up to run in the
house, Mr Burwell and I caught her by the arms
and almost dragged her in and shut the door.
The shots continued for some minutes, but now
accompanied by shouts and cheers, and some one
called out "they are our own men", and out we all
ran shouting and screaming like crazy [creatures],
The first one we saw was an officer dashing by waving
his hat and shouting. We though it was Maj. Jackson
and ran down to Dr. Baldwin's corner which he
turned, going up towards Taffytown.