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As I watched him I saw 8 or 10 shots fired in a
few minutes he returned riding slowly and we found
he had just been shot through the shoulder, he
proved to be Lieut. Col. Dorsey of the 1st Maryland Regt.
In the meantime our men were running past,
a few at a time, pursuing the fugitives.
Col. Baylor passed on foot, his horse just having been
killed under him three doors above here, the blood
was dripping from his leg, but it proved to be from
his horse, his leg was badly bruised, but he stopped
only for a moment, and ran on toward the depot
where some one gave him a captured horse,
which he mounted and dashed on in pursuit.
One poor yankee was lying dead on the car track
just above the corner, and another, the man who
shot Col. Baylor's horse, was lying also dead on
the pavement near Dr. Holliday's. We brought
Col. Dorsey in, and Dr Baldwin to dress his wounds.
It proved a severe but not dangerous one,
We went out again, by this time large bodies of
troops were passing, cheering and shouting and
seizing prisoners in every direction. Our army was
pouring through the town in pursuit on every street,
Gen. Jackson heading them, when he found the
enemy were running so fast, he ordered all on
in pursuit, even the artillery were allowed to
unhitch the horses and mount and folloed.
By this time a rumor reached us that