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Marshall Barton was killed, David rode up on an
artillery horse, and said all were safe but Marshall
who he told his Mother was badly wounded, but that
they must send to him at once, but he whispered
to Lute that he was already dead. He told us too
that Bob McKim was killed. We were greatly shocked
and saddened to hear of both, Mr Barton went
out to the battlefield at once, and we went in to
arrange out having breakfast for as many as
possible. Our infantry followed only 3 or 4 miles,
(being already exhausted by constant marching
for 3 weeks, and having had no food for 24 hours)
but the cavalry pursued until they had chased the
enemy across the river beyond Martinsburg, and
burned the bridge. It is said that only 1500 of
Banks' whole army, passed through Martinsburg,
the remainder scattered and rushed pell mell
through the country. Already (Tuesday evening) 2000 have
been brought in besides more than 1000 who have been
brought here from Front Royal, and the stores taken
there and here, at strasbury and at Martinsburg, are
worth a million of dollars. But to return to Sunday,
By the time breakfast was ready, there were plenty
to eat it, first Ran McKim, a charming fellow, one
of Lewis' dearest friends, he belongs to Col. Dorsey's reg't,
and the surgeon who came after breakfast, ordered
him to stay to nurse the Col. Next Berkeley Minor,
Maj Snodgrass on Ewell's staff, Maj. Lyon on