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Trimble's staff, and numbers whose names
we did not know. We were so grieved for
Ran McKim, We did not tell him of Bob's
death, wishing him to eat his breakfast first,
but he had just had his plate filled and remark
=ed that he did not know whether to call it breakfast
dinner or supper, as he had had neither in the
past 24 hours, but that is was a meal which he
should enjoy entremely, when Mr Minor turned
to him and said "have you heard that Bob
McKim is dead". The poor fellow looked perfectly
overwhelmed and put aside his plate and could
scarcely eat anything afterwards, though he was
nearly famished before he heard it. Soon after
breakfast Marshall's body was brough home. he was
shot near Mrs Hollingsworth's and was carried
there. he lived half an hour, and Mrs H. said
his last words were "Mother, Mother". Mrs Barton has
borne it nobly. she says she gave her sons to her
country, and must not murmur at the sacrifice
Shr stayed down stairs all day Sunday, feeding
the starving soldiers as the came back from the
pursuit, The same was the case all over the
town. I suppose there was scarcely a house in the
place where there were not scores fed. Marshall's
funeral took place on Monday afternoon from
the church, his Company (he was 1st Lieut. of a Battery)