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attended and a long train of citizens, his captain
(Cutshaw) is dangerously wounded by the same
shell which killed him, and has been brought to
Mr Barton's to be nursed. After breakfast we
established Col. Dorsey in the back room down stairs,
and then moved a bed into the office, and arranged
that for Col. Baylor, who we found had been very sick
and needed nursing. he came about 12 oclock.
We cooked all the dinner we could get and distrib-
uted it to the soldiers, and the same again
at tea time, All the afternoon our friends were
calling in or stopping at the door, and many were
the joyous greetings. Maj. Jackson, Col. Letcher, Frank
Clark, and Johnnie Baldwin were here to tea, beside
the four gentlemen staying here. That Sunday was
a wonderful day, one to be remembered to the
end of our lives, Not only for the joy and delight
of seeing our friends back again, but for our
wonderful deliverance from so may dangers,
Gen. Jackson has 20000 men with him, but not
more than 7000 were in the fight, It was the
greatest mercy that the battle was so near the town,
that our men could rush in after the enemy before
they had time to execute their purpose of firing
the whole town The Gen. said he could have
almost annihilated them, if he had chosen to