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began. Shields appeared with quite a large
force at Front Royal, and Fremont with another
considerable force was moving across to strasburg to
unite with him, and thus entrap Jackson, and
prevent his retreat. It was a very nice plan, but
old Jack has been too quick for him, They have
been sending off the captured stores all the week,
and yesterday, last night and today (Saturday)
have been working incessantly, loading and
sending off all of value, medical stores, arms
and ammunition principally. Fortunately
we have captured large numbers of wagons and
were thus enabled to carry off the stores instead of
burning them, as we must have done in leaving
this place. The whole army was ordered back
through here to Strasburg, and by 9 oclock began
to pass through, and now, Saturday night, we are
left quite alone. All the sick and wounded who
it was possible to move, were taken, all the
prisoners (3000) were marched off with the army,
and the numbers of fugitive citizens who returned
so joyfully to their homes but a few days ago, have
had to fly again. We fell almost despairing at
being left again in the hands of our enemies, but
there is still a hope that if Jackson can whip Shields
he will come back here before Dix can advance from
Harpers Ferry, as he is reported to be doing.