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The 1st Brigade and the Maryland Regiment
were left as a rear guard, and reached town
just at dark, and we had quite a brilliant
party to tea, in consequence, Gen. Winder and
his staff, Maj. Mercer, Capt O'Brien, Lieuts Howard
and Garnett, and Dr. Johnson and Adg't Ward of
the 1st Maryland. Col. Baylor could not come from
his reg't. but we sent supper to him, and to Ran
McKim, who came in himself afterward. Strother
Barton came in, and Charlie Arnold. We felt
that it was probably our last sight of our friends for
a long, long time. The wounder prisoners and
the surgeons were all paraled, They were very
unwilling to give their parole, hoping to be rescured,
We can scarcely bear to think that out little gleam
of liberty is ended. The soldiers all seemed so sorry
and grieved to leave us. Sunday June 1st
half-past 1 oclock - A most loverly, peaceful looking
sabbath morning after a night of heavy rain and
thunder and lightning. but the quiet did not
remain long undisturbed, By 9 oclock heavy firing
commenced and continued incessantly till after
12. it is very distant, and rumors have reached
here that it is a Cedar Creek, 15 miles distant, or
more probably at Strasburg 18 miles, It is said to be

Rosencranz and his Germans, Our anxiety is of