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wounded, were out in it all.
Monday Night June 2nd A day of intense anxiety,
from 10 oclock until 1. we heard cannonading,
very distant and not very frequent, This afternoon
Cornelia came over to tell us that the town was full
of reports that Jackson was surrounded and Shields
with a large force at Middletown, and some said
advancing this way, Late this evening a part of this
is confirmed, Shields is certainly at Middletown,
and we suppose Jackson will attack him tomorrow,
It is a most singular position that we occupy now,
We do not know who we belong to, but the prospects are
that we will know before long that we belong to the
yankees, I have just heard another instance of the
malignant intention of these dreadful creatures.
On Sunday just after the retreat, Dr McCormick went
into Dr. Smith's house which had been used as
headquarters, and found a fire kindled in the floor
of one of the rooms, and just under it, in the cellar,
were 2 kegs of powder placed in such a way that the
fire must fall upon it, there was enough powder
to blow up all that end of town. They say that
Banks, (who had stayed all night at Mr Seaver's) was
in such a hurry to get off that morning that he dropped
his pocket book with 200 Dollars in it, and though a man
picked it up and ran after him, he would not stop
to take it. No doubt he knew of the danger,