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June 3rd I have just heard that the interesting little
anecdote above is true, all but the fire, in fact there
was no evidence that there was any attempt made
to explode the powder. I am sorry I wrote it down.
as I wish this to be a truthful record
We were roused at 5 oclock this morning by the
clatter of cavalry and running to the window saw a
company of yankees dash past to the Union where we
heard great cheering for a few minutes, and then they
rode on down the Martinsburg road. We cannot
learn anything certain, One report is that they were
separated from their main body and are escaping
through here. We are in a most singular condition,
There are, evidently, a good many more yankees in
town today, than have been before since our army
left, but still no body of troops has marched in, and those
here take no authority, and do not interfere in any
way, There are reports this morning that Jackson has
defeated Fremont and is ready for Shields, and also that
we have had a victory at Richmond, but I never
believe of victoriees now, until I see them, Just now
at 1 oclock, another company of cavalry dashed through
town, down the Berryville road without stopping an instant,
What can it mean? Wednesday June 4th There is
no longer any doubt as to our position, The yanks have
got us again. They came in today with a large force,
some of them say 10.000 others say 40000, but of course the
last is false. They are behaving outrageously, breaking into