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houses, stealing, threatening people with vengeance
for their late defeat, We do not yet know who is in
command. While we were at tea some soldiers came
to demand the flag which had been waved on Saturday
from the porch, One of them was very abusive, cursed
us, and said he would have it, and was coming
back in the morning to search for it, The flag is
secured of course. Thursday June 5th We are
having a dreadful time, Before we were up this
morning parties of soldiers were demanding breakfast
cursing and swearing at us for refusing to give it,
Directly after breakfast a large party came, ringing
furiously at the bell, and when Mary refused to open the
door. the officer, a Maj. [Hurns] of Md, said he would
come in through the window then, which he did, followed
by several men, and more went in at the gate and
came in through the kitchen, the offiers said they
had come to search for our flag, but would not
molest us, He conducted the search himslef and was as
little disagreeable as the circumstances admitted.
They found a gun Ran McKim had left here, and
an old sword, and a yankee knapsack, but no flag.
The officer gave us a certifcate that the house had
been properly searched, and it has proved very
useful, for twice since large parties have come to
search, and when we showed the certificate they have
desisted. The last party was headed by the deputy Provost-
Marshall himself.