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They have searched Dr. Baldwin's and Mr Bartons and
hoisted a Union flag at the latter place. last night
at 11 oclock they went through this street, beating at
the doors and ordering the lights to be put out,
Gens Seigel and Banks are here, it is said that
the former is to go up the valley in a day or two, and
the latter is to remain here, to run off the rest of the
servants, I suppose. It is perfectly dreadful, the
solders are roaming the streets cursing and
swearing and threatening to turn us out,
Friday June 6th I feel quite worn out with excite
=ment, agitation and aggravation. Mr Burwell
was so uneasy that Mary agreed to ask Banks for
a protection, he referred her to the Provost, who
would not give one, but sent a guard to keep
off the rude soldiers, but this does not protect us from
insults from the officers, this afternoon that same
deputy Provost who was so insolent yestesday, came
with a Major, to search again for the flag, he said
that if it was not given up, the house would be
thoroughly searched again, beds torn open etc. and
after some time they permitted Mary to go to the Provost
to try if he would take her word, and withdraw the
search, which he agreed to do for the present, they
have searched a large number of houses for provis=
ions, which they say were taken from their stores, while
they were away, A great many troops have passed
through the town today on their way up the valley,