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over and over that he was a d--d old white-headed
liar, and they shook their fists in Mrs. Barton's
face, telling her she was an old "secesh she-devil".
We are indebted for our last visitation from that
rude insulting deputy-provost to Dr, Phillip Adolphus,
a surgeon, was was taken prisoner by Col. Dorsey,
and who came here several times while the Col.
was here. We seem to have incurred his hatred in
some way, for he was heard by Dr. Conrad to give
information that Mrs Lee had waved a large,
silk "secesh" flag over their troops as they ran
through town on Sunday, of course it was fake,
as it would have been perfect madness, even
if we had thought of it. Sunday June 8th We
were unmolested, but it was sad and very
depressing. In the afternoon between 200 and 300
prisoners were brought in, among them Larry
Doyles of Staunton, They are all stragglers who
could not keep up when our army went up the valley,
and have been hiding in the woods trying to slip
through, but were picked up by the cavalry who
are all the time scouring the country. Col. Ware
was brought in yesterday, a prisoner, he says Jackson
has taken the whole of a Dutch regiment since he
left here, making about 4000 in three weeks.
Monday June 9th More toops passing through,
they say they will have between 60000 and 70000
in the valley, The prisoners (our men) say that Jackson