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to try if remonstrance will avail to prevent it.
They agreed to take Dr McGuire's offices and
let the house alone. The Provost has agreed that
Sue shall not be turned out of her house if Mr
Peyton Clark will find another house which the Maine
Chaplain Denison can occupy with "some ladies and
a few sick Soldiers", There is the greatest crowd of
soldiers all over the town, they say 10000, They have
taken our church today, to keep the prisoners in, Maj.
[Whittesy] says our cause is perfectly hopeless. The papers
announce today in letters half an inch long that "Ashby
is killed", but I must hear it from better authority
before I believe it, Wednesday June 11 We have a
little quiet this evening after a morning of excite=
ment and alarms, The first thing we heard was that
a soldier had been shot last night, while breaking
into Baker's warehouse, by a man named Striker
who was placed there as a guard. While we were
at breakfast, the cry of fire was raised, and we
found they had set fire to the store and warehouse,
The whole street was crowded with soldiers who were
seizing and carrying off the goods, as they were thrown
out, there were two or three explosions and a
scattering of the crowd, and the alarm that there
was powder there, but it proved to be but a small
quantity, Nearly all of the troops left here today, whether
for Strasburg or Front Royal we cannot find out
There is some decided movement on foot, all the
prisoners and sick and wounded who can be moved
are to be carried off tomorrow, Fremonts' reports admit
a decided defeat last Monday.