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Friday June 13th We have had quite a curious
episode today. Our stable has been filled with
cavalry horses for the last three days, The soldiers
who had charge of them persisted, notwithstanding
Mary's remonstrances, in keeping the door into the
garden constantly open and lounging about
in the garden themselves, this afternoon a soldier
came to the door to say that he had seen those
men in the stable with the door open, into the
garden, and that if it was any annoyance to us
he would go to the Provost and have the men
ordered away, Mary told him it was a great annoy
=ance, and she would be glad if they were made
to even keep the door shut. This man said his name
is Hugh Lee Adj. of the Maryland Cavalry, he went
off and returned in a few minutes with Col. Batchelor
himself, the Provost Marshall, who went up to the
stable, ordered off all the horses but one, which is to
go tomorrow and with his own hands nailed up the
door, It is a queer idea for a Col. in the grand
Union Army to go in at our back gate, up to the stable
to nail up the door, but he meant it very kindly, and
we are grateful for his good intentions. This Col. Batchelor
has been Provost here a great deal of the time, he
is Lieut. Col. of the 13th Mass. Reg't. and has been so kind
and just as he was allowed to be. Our friend the
deputy-Provost of last week is a Capt. Eillott of the 60th
New York Reg't. The news of today is that Fremont has
fallen back to Strasburg, and that Jackson is
pursuing him, June 14th Gen. Jackson sent a