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flag of truce here yesterday with a communication
to Gen. Banks, that if there were any more house
burnings or destruction of private property in Winchester
he would retaliate and take vengenance in some way
which we do not know of, but the thrust was evidently
effectual, as an order was read at dress parade in
the evening, that death would be the penalty to any
soldier who set fire to a building.
Sunday June 15th Nothing new today, but 70 prisoners
brought in, We went to the York hospital in the after-
Monday and Tuesday June 16th and 17th Sick and suffering
so much that I can take no interest in anything.
No news but reports that our armies have been
fighting almost every day, with brilliant successes.
Wednesday June 18th Still sick and suffering greatly,
Large numbers of wounded (800, it is said) have been
brought here today. They are reported to be Fremont's
men, wounded last Sunday, but we cannot find
where, The report we have heard for ten days, but
hoped was untrue, of Turner Ashby's death, is confirmed
today, by extracts from Richmond papers, Another
noble sacrifice to the cause of freedom! On the
Saturday when the army passed through town,
he dashed by here at the head of his regiment,
and waved his hat when we cheered him.