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We little thought it was for the last time, he had
seemed to bear a charmed life, had escaped so
many dangers, that we hoped he would be spared
to see the end.
Thursday June 19th Still in bed, and suffering
greatly, More wounded brought in, every place
crowded with them, Brother Sandy came today
through great difficulties, to see if we were not starving.
Friday June 20th A little better than yesterday, but
still in bed. Brother Sandy went back home today,
much relieved to find we had not suffered more from
these wretches, More rumours of Jackson's advancing
on this place.
Saturday June 21st I feel much better today, must
get out of this bed, to be ready for what is to come.
Fremont has fallen back to Newtown and Jackson
pursuing him. There is something very stirring
on hand. All the soldiers who were here, except a
small guard, were sent up the valley this morning.
Large numbers of sick and wounded have been
sent off during the day, and the ambulances are
constantly passing full. They have made so many
threats against this place, of burning it and blowing
it up, that we cannot be be extremely anxious
as to the events of the next few days, they evidently
intend to fight, from their sending men up from
here today, and as tomorrow is Sunday, the fighting
day, it is scarcely possible that it will pass without a
Monday June 23rd Contrary to our anticipations, yester-
day passed quietly, the only excitement being a serious
accident on the railroad. We heard the whistle of the cars
about six in the afternoon, and soon after saw a great